VersaTron ShockWave Therapy

We now offer the VersaTron shock wave therapy! Shock wave therapy uses high-energy sound waves that penetrate through soft tissue at customized depths to reduce lameness, increase mobility and relieve pain in animals.

Shock wave has been clinically-proven to treat such conditions as osteoarthritis, tendon/ligament injuries, bone fractures, back pain and wounds. We use the VersaTron focused shock wave technology, considered the gold standard in this treatment. With 1-3 treatments, shock wave stimulates healing to return horses to sound condition.

Shock wave treatments can help your horse to return to work more quickly and has a more than a decade of clinical success behind it. The VersaTron is covered by most all insurance companies (up to 3 treatments) so it’s a beneficial option to owners. For more information, visit

Sprint Air Ultralight DR™

We utilize the state-of-the-art (DR) digital radiography technology, the Sprint Air Ultralight DR™ from Sound™.

DR enables veterinarians to visualize the internal anatomy of horses for rapid and painless evaluation of a variety of conditions. As a result, veterinarians are able to provide their customers with important diagnostic feedback and recommendations for further treatment.  

The Sprint Air Ultralight DR is completely wireless and battery powered. It enables veterinarians to take high quality digital X-Rays nearly anywhere making high quality imaging possible in more locations and when timing is most important. To learn more about the NEXT Equine DR™ and its benefits in veterinary care, please visit

Other Services Available

Complete on-site direct digital radiography, gives the owner excellent and timely radiographic results. Lameness evaluations and prepurchase examinations are common procedures, and can be done in a timely fashion with digital radiography.

Digital ultrasonography allows high quality assessment of many areas of the horse. 

Endoscopy is available on the farm. This allows evaluation of the upper and lower respiratory tract for evaluation of functional abnormalities, presence of infection etc.

In house bloodwork provides timely results of CBC's, chemistry profiles and electrolytes. High quality, fast turnaround laboratory access is availible for more specialized tests such as drug testing, EPM, EIA, EVA etc.

Dentistry is availible as power or handfloat as required. This is an important part of the horse's wellness program.

Working with the individual client and horse or group of horses, a preventive /wellness program can be designed to suit your needs. Assessment of your deworming program with fecal analysis can be a useful tool to optimize your horse's health. Vaccination guidelines through the links to the A.A.E.P. are a good beginning for your horse's program, and can be fine tuned to your specific situation.